Memory Albums

So…What Exactly IS a Memory Album ?

A memory Album is little more than a book. Small or large, it doesn’t matter. It’s a little like a scrap book, or diary you may have kept as a child, or even do now if you’re lucky!
There is no fixed number of pages, though for the ease of use, I would usually recommend 6-8 in a small book (such as the one on the right).
These books are designed and created by myself. They are not pre-created books which I then just add to. I make them myself to your requirements.
Once you have the book, we then begin to look at the content….

I begin by Inserting items into the page, sometimes under the background papers (so they have to work a little harder to find them !).
Sometimes, little pockets are created and attached to the page. In these, even smaller and more delicate items can be placed (hidden?) for your recipient to discover.
Once these have been decided on, I can get to work embellishing them to fit in with the theme of the book

All my insets are handmade according to your requirements. These can include photographs (yours, of course), hand printed messages, quotes, and many many more types.
They are scattered throughout the book and hidden everywhere. A typical 6 page book might have up to 30 of these little ‘gems’ scattered throughout it.
There is no limit on subjects or thhemes for your album, though, as per my terms and conditions (see the footer of this page) I do NOT reproduce images of children on any materials, so I’m afraid, these are strictly for grown ups (or older teenagers).

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss having a book made